I UK [həʊm] / US [hoʊm] noun
Word forms "home":
singular home plural homes
1) [countable/uncountable] the place where you live

We go to a school close to our home.

a child in need of a loving home

at home:

Peter isn't at home today.

away from home:

I hate being away from home too long.

a) [uncountable] the place where your parents live and where you grew up
at home:

He is 43 and still living at home.

leave home (= permanently stop living with your parents):

I left home when I was 18.

b) [uncountable] the country or city where you live
make something your home:

We decided to make Jamaica our home.

at home:

a great opportunity in markets both at home and abroad

back home (= in my country):

Back home, the weather is much better.

be home to:

California is home to many vineyards.

c) [only before noun] relating to your home rather than your work

a home computer

home address/telephone number:

Write your home address at the top of your letter.

home life (= family relationships):

My home life is very important to me.

d) [only before noun] done, made, or experienced at home

home cooking/shopping/banking

home comforts

e) [only before noun] relating to things that happen within a country, rather than between different countries

These cameras sell well in the home market.

the minister for home affairs

2) [countable] a building for people to buy or rent

One thousand new homes are being built in the area.

There is a shortage of homes for rent.

a) a building where people who need special care can live and be looked after, for example an old-people's home or a children's home

They didn't want to put their mother in a home.

home for:

a home for orphans

b) British a building where animals, especially dogs or cats, who have no owner are looked after

the city dogs' home

3) [uncountable] the place where a sports team is based and plays most of its games. A team that is playing at home is called the home team. If a team plays at the place where the opposing team is based, they are playing away
at home:

United are playing at home tonight.

4) [singular] the place where something first started or was first made
home of:

Scotland is the home of golf.

5) [uncountable] a place on a sports field that a player must try to get to in order to score a point in some sports
6) [uncountable] computing a home page
7) [countable] the place where a particular group of people or type of plant or animal lives
home of:

These wetlands are the home of a great variety of wildlife.

be/feel/look at home — to be/feel/look relaxed and comfortable in a particular place or situation

Daniel looks very at home with the children.

They did everything they could to make me feel at home.

what's ... when it's at home?/who's ... when they're at home?British

humorous used for saying that you do not know what or who someone is talking about

hearth, write

II UK [həʊm] / US [hoʊm] adverb ***
1) to the place where you live

How was the journey home?

I went home to France.

I was sick on the plane home.

come/go/return home:

What time are you coming home?

on the way home (from something):

On the way home from school, I met my friend Sue.

walk/drive/fly etc home:

I decided to walk home.

be late home:

Don't be late home!

2) at the place where you live

Is Kathryn home?

I'll be home all day Tuesday.

hammer/hit/drive something home — to tell people about something in a way that makes them understand and accept it, especially by repeating it many times; informal to score a goal or point with a very powerful kick or hit

He hammered home the message that his party would be tough on crime.

Beckham hammered the ball home from 20 yards.

hit/strike home — if something that you say hits or strikes home, people understand it and accept it

The President struck home with his call for responsible saving.

III UK [həʊm] / US [hoʊm] verb
Word forms "home":
present tense I/you/we/they home he/she/it homes present participle homing past tense homed past participle homed
Phrasal verbs:

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